Our Custom Scanning Rigs

Thanks to our custom-designed 3D Object Scanners, computer systems, custom scripts and plugins, techniques, etc; we can scan and process objects in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors. This, in tern, allows us to scan objects at a fraction of the cost that others are charging (contact us now for a free quote)!

We also have a custom Ground Scanner that allows us to capture ground textures roughly 8 times faster than what could normally be achieved by normal ground scanning techniques. 

Our rigs allow us to scan anything from small, complex objects to giant landscapes! Anything you need scanned, we can scan it!

Our Process

We use high quality equipment and unique scanning rigs to ensure that you get the highest detail possible (in both model and texture quality) at breakneck speeds!

Our custom setups can distribute light onto objects evenly and even eliminate reflections to ensure that you get the most accurate model and textures possible without any baked in lighting or reflections - great for producing game assets, models to be used in renderings or other applications that include lighting.

However unique the project, We can make it happen! 

Our History

We started off small but through countless experiments and tests, we have quickly become the fastest scanners in the industry and have provided our clients with accurate 3D scans of their small to large-scale objects at a faster rate and cheaper price than the competition!

We are determined to provide you with top of the line, high quality models that will leave you wondering if it's a 3D model or a photograph! 100% client satisfaction is our number one goal!

For a free quote, CONTACT US now!