How soon can we expect delivery of the 3D scanned models?

Depending on the complexity of the object, this can range from minutes to days. Please contact us with details about what you need scanned and we will get back to you with an estimated delivery. 

Do you Provide Re-Topology Service? 

Absolutely! We have developed advanced retopology methods that allow us to retopologize any mesh into clean quads while maintaining all of the small details of the original mesh (through polygon count or normals and displacement maps - for lower polygon models). We can even provide you with multiple LOD models (Level of Detail models) with varying polygon counts for a range of applications (games, movies, arch-viz, scientific, etc). Each retopologized model with have the same, UV (Unwrapped) coordinates, allowing you to use the same texture(s) for multiple models. 

Do you provide mobile scanning services? 

YES! We can travel to anywhere in the world to do the 3D scans but do note that travel expenses, hourly rates and other fees are associated with this service. Please contact us for more info. 

Can we have the RAW data without clean-up

Yes, and this can even save you some money! Please contact us for more info. 

What range of object sizes can you scan?

We can scan anything from the size of a blueberry to entire buildings and landscapes. If you have something outside of these ranges, please contact us, we're sure we can help with any type of project!